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Character Rugs

From the cute and cuddly Forever Friends bear to the Famous Hello kitty, i am sure we have Character that will suit all. These are great for Children Bedrooms, thye can help or you can make for them for a present.

  • Disney Winnie The Pooh Latch Hook Rug Kit
    £19.99 £16.99
  • Hello Kitty and Unicorn Latch Hook Kit: Rug: By Vervaco
    £116.99 £99.44
  • Hello Kitty Drumming Latch Hook Rug: By Vervaco
    £76.99 £65.44
  • Hello Kitty: In the Umbrella Latch Hook Rug
    £82.99 £70.54
  • Maya: On the Mushroom  Latch Hook Rug Kit By Vervaco
    £76.99 £65.44
  • Kitty on a dolphin Latch Hook Rug Kit by Vervaco
    £119.89 £95.92
  • Maya and Willy at night Latch Hook Rug Kit by Vervaco
    £126.49 £101.20
  • Popcorn Latch Hook Rug
    £100.59 £80.47
  • Latch Hook Rug Binding
  • Bent Latch Hook Tool with wooden handle
  • Straight Hook latch Hook Tool Red Handle
    £2.99 £2.54
  • Bent Latch Hook Tool  - Plastic White Handle
    £2.70 £2.30