Indulge in the art of knitting with Patons, one of the oldest British knitting brands and synonymous with quality and innovation. Welcome to our webpage, where you'll find an extensive selection of Patons knitting yarns that will ignite your passion for this timeless craft.

At Maries Cross Stitch, we offer a wide range of Patons yarns, each carefully chosen for its exceptional quality and versatility. From luxurious natural fibers to easy-care blends, our yarns are designed to provide you with endless possibilities for your knitting projects. Whether you're creating cozy sweaters, delicate shawls, or stylish accessories, our Patons yarns will ensure your creations are nothing short of extraordinary.

To complement our yarn collection, we also offer a diverse range of patterns.  From classic designs to contemporary trends, our patterns cater to all tastes and skill levels. With detailed instructions and stunning visuals, you'll find the perfect pattern to bring your knitting vision to life.

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