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Shade Cards

These Shade Cards are a great way to check the colours you need. Some of the shade cards shows a real sample of the thread or wool, not just a printed colour, to ensure you get the right colour every time.
An essential tool for every stitcher. 

  • DMC Coton a Broder Shade Card
  • DMC Satin Shade Card
    £11.50 £10.35
  • New DMC Shade Colour Card
    £31.99 £28.79
  • Printed Anchor Stranded Cotton: Shade Card
    £6.99 £6.29
  • Thread Magic - Similar to thread Heaven
    £9.99 £8.99
  • Thread Magic Square - Similar  to Thread Heaven
    £9.99 £8.99
  • DMC Tapestry Wool Art 486 Shade Card
    £27.99 £25.19
  • DMC Soft Cotton Shade Card (Art. 89)