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From Mountain scene to Counrty Cottage our latch hook range has something for everyone. These kits come with all the wools to sew the design all you need is the tool Click Here and binding Click Here if you want to finish off the back.

  •  Latch Hook Kit: Rug: Birches By Vervaco
    £66.99 £56.94
  • Latch Hook Kit: Rug: Flamingo By Orchidea
    £68.99 £58.64
  • Latch Hook Kit: Rug: Lighthouse By Vervaco
    £76.99 £65.44
  • Latch Hook Kit: Rug: Mountain Landscape By Vervaco
    £107.99 £91.79
  • Winter Mountain Latch Hook Cushion Kit By Vervaco
    £42.99 £36.54
  • Heritage Homestead Latch Hook Rug Kit
    £52.99 £45.04
  • Bent Latch Hook Tool with wooden handle
  • Straight Hook latch Hook Tool Red Handle
    £2.99 £2.54
  • Bent Latch Hook Tool  - Plastic White Handle
    £2.70 £2.43