Madeira Decora No. 6 Thread

Madeira Decora High Sheen Hand Thread. Decora is a four-strand rayon thread giving a very high sheen, available in 80 colours with 5m in each unique spiral pack. The high sheen of rayon reflects the light differently to cotton to create a unique look.

Decora has a slight twist and is very simple to divide. The individual strands are slightly thicker than cotton. All 4 strands of Decora equate to all six strands of cotton, so the two can be blended to add extra dimensions to your work.

The special packaging ensures the thread will not tangle, dirty or knot. Decora adds wonderful highlights to your work, but it can be bouncy so try running it through a damp cloth before embroidering.

To open a Madeira spiral wound pack - Snip either side of where the thread is trapped at the bottom of the pack and pull gently. Snip off the piece of the pack stuck to the end of the thread, and then draw out a suitable length. Cut it off, separate the number of strands you need and store the others by looping them on the gap at the top of the pack. You always know what number your loose threads are, and the remaining thread remains clean and tidy inside the pack.

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