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Bell Pull Tapestries

These design are from the Beautiful Brigantia and when finished make wonderful wall hangings. The details are amazing and they come with all the details to complet the stitch work. All you would need to complete the hanging of them is the hangers.

  • Blenheim Bell Pull Tapestry Kit
    £49.99 £42.49
  • Butterflies Tapestry Bell Pull Kit
    £49.99 £42.49
  • Lilies Tapestry Bell Pull Kit
    £49.99 £42.49
  • Roses and Wren Tapestry Bell Pull Kit
    £49.99 £42.49
  • Wildflowers Bell pull Tapestry kit
    £43.63 £37.09
  • Bell Pulls Size 8 Inch
  • Wooden Rods For Bell Pull - 72cm