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Floor Standing Magnifiers and Lamps

The Floor Magnifiers and Lamps look stunning and help you to magnify your work.  The lamp is very useful as it can get so much closer than a traditional ceiling light.  The come in various colours and also have many attachments that can be added. 

  • Extra long "L" Bar for SG10 - Lowery Work Stand
    £34.99 £29.74
  • Floor standing 24w Florescent Light
    £69.99 £59.49
  • Floor standing Daylight Lamp With Magifier
    £149.99 £104.99
  • Mighty Bright AC Adaptor
  • Flexi Vision Floor Light Satin Silver
    £149.99 £134.99
  • Ultimate Floor Light Antique
    £199.99 £179.99
  • 12 LED Floor Standing Light and Magnifer
    £99.99 £89.99
  • AC Adapter For Might Bright Lights