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Butterflies and Insects

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures that visit our lives. we have a few different coloured ones to choose from. Ladybirds are a great insect that are slow enough for us to watch over and count spots.

  • Butterfly on Daisy  Latch Hook Rug Kit By Vervaco
    £92.99 £79.04
  • Ladybird Latch Hook Rug  By Grafitec
    £22.99 £19.54
  • Pretty Butterfly Latch Hook Rug  By Grafitec
    £22.99 £19.54
  • Butterflies Latch Hook Kit
    £44.99 £35.99
  • Fly Latch Hook Rug
    £12.99 £10.39
  • Lady Bird Latch Hook Kit
    £42.99 £36.54
  • Butterfly Fantasy Latch Hook Kit
    £32.99 £24.74
  • Latch Hook Rug Binding
  • Bent Latch Hook Tool with wooden handle
  • Straight Hook latch Hook Tool Red Handle
    £2.99 £1.94